Sports Betting

Sports Betting is one of the most popular forms of online gambling world wide and in the United Kingdom it has long been legal both offline and online. The UK has a strong sports betting presence in areas where it is legal to bet on sports.

UK Sports Betting brands are familiar brand in all aspects of online sports betting and we have listed some of the better Betting venues where players are able to make bets ranging from Cricket and Football Betting to Political Bets.

William Hill Sports

Sports Betting is popular as it involves predicting results on events and reaping the rewards when the odds turn out in favour of the bettor, often bets are placed on favourite teams or individuals with a lot of emotion involved in the .

In recent times the addition of a large range of different bet types such as in play betting has added to the range of bets offered to Sports Bettors. Smart phones have also meant that mobile sports betting is an increasing trend and enables punters to stay informed and bet on the move.

Sports Betting in the United States is heavily regulated and mostly confined to land based casinos. Online Sports betting has been illegal and remains illegal. The growth of illegal online sports betting venues has been curbed due to UIGEA and the events of Black Friday.

At the present time the only legal online gambling allowed for Sports bettors is on Twin Spires and it specializes in horse racing. We do not anticipate the relaxation of the legislation surround Sports betting the United States in the foreseeable future.