X Men Slots pays out big win

According to reports by King Solomons Casino a player recently won € 68,520.00 playing on the X Men slots game. King Solomons is a top UK Online Casino that has the full range of Marvel Slot games available in both download and flash slot game format.

The X Men Slots game is one of a range of Marvel Slot games available at a number of Playtech Casinos. It is also one of the most visually pleasing in the range of games due to the number of super heroes it has on the game and the bonus rounds and features on the slot game.

Marvel Slot games come with a 4 tier progressive jackpot that is triggered randomly from within the bonus round. The idea therefore is to get into a bonus round on any of the games and pray to the gambling gods that the Progressive jackpot is triggered by a spin. The theory behind which progressive slot you are going to win is that the higher you bet , the bigger the progressive jackpot you are going to win.

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