William Hill Uproar

The venerable institution that is William Hill Plc is experiencing somewhat of a chastening time at the moment. The world of online gambling is watching as reports in the UK media are indicating that there have been a number of walkouts at its overseas branches in recent days. The walkout has been let by its staff in Tel Aviv.

The resignation of a key employee sparked a mass walkout in Tel Aviv and shortly after this was followed by action in Bulgaria and Manila and has led to the top brass at William Hill flying out to Tel Aviv as far as we know.

To say that this situation is farcical is putting it mildly. Apparently according to media reports , this situation has flared up to due William Hills insistence that it have day to day access to its computer systems. Something that apparently has not been forthcoming for several months.

The Chief Executive of William Hill has flown out to meet with Mor Wiezer who is the CEO of Playtech. Playtech have a substantial interest in the William Hill Online venture. They own approximately 29% of the venture with the UK bookmaker owning the remaining 71%.

This is not the first time that William Hill has had to resort to drastic measures. Recently it had to take out an injunction to protect its interests in the joint venture. In the interim the world of gaming looks on to see how this matterĀ  unfolds.

Written for Gambling Games by Greg.