William Hill Nevada Gambling Licence

William Hill Plc have been approved seemingly by Nevada State gaming regulators to operate a gambling operation that will take in sports betting and horse racing.

A three member panel of the Gaming Control Board has recommended that William Hill receive a license to operate in the state of Nevada.

For UK Sports bettors and gamblers this is not so surprising as Will Hill are an ever present on most high streets and have in recent times become a force to be reckoned with in the online gambling sphere.

The Nevada regulators did according to reports have specific questions in regards to the relationship that William Hill has developed with the founder of Playtech whose software the gambling company makes use of online.

William Hill has already made strategic purchases in Nevada of companies and will by all accounts control 55% of the sports betting market in the state if their license request is granted. In addition to this they are according to reports planning to consolidate the various companies into a single entity making use of the venerable William Hill brand.

What does this mean for us? It means that on trips to Vegas you will probably see a lot more of William Hill than you would like. You won’t however mistake The Strip for a High Street in the UK.

It also means that William Hill could have plans on introducing more US orientated betting markets to its sports book. It is a far larger market than the UK so we should expect to see a lot more basketball and baseball betting markets.

We do feel though that William Hill has missed an opportunity. Although the market in Nevada is big and Sin City is once again showing an increase in revenues, the market in Asia dwarfs Nevada in terms of revenue.

Asian Sports Betting has gained a reputation in the last few years for being a lucrative area of commerce for gambling companies. US gambling companies like Wynn and Sheldon Adelsons Sands have opened up gambling resorts in Macau and Singapore in recent times and the boom is set to continue.

Asian Sports betters have also managed to earn a pretty nefarious reputation in regards to manipulating sports events. From Football betting rings in Malaysia to Cricketing Scandals that have landed players with jail time.

Sports’ Betting in Asia is massive and will continue to be huge. Perhaps we can look forward to a William Hill Asia announcement in due course.