What is Gambling

What is Gambling is a question that a lot of people should ask themselves in the current economic climate. Traditionally people would think that gambling constitutes betting at a casino or these days at an online gambling venue.

Making a bet on the Horses has long been regarded as gambling as well as Bingo and Lottery games. Some gambling formats are regarded as light gambling. Games like Bingo and the Lottery are regarded as a bit of fun normally due to the low stakes involved. They are the most widespread and played of all gambling game types.

They are however forms of gambling. In the United Kingdom betting on Sports in particular Football is a popular form of gambling and playing Table games like Roulette are ingrained into the national psyche.

Another popular form of gambling that is not regarded as a gamble is investing in the stock market. We like to think that this is called investing, is it really? Do we have the facts about companies or are we just making an educated choice similar to one that a skilled player would make on a poker hand.

Both Gambling and investing in stock market shares are taking a punt on an unpredictable outcome.

To answer what is gambling is literally impossible. Humans have an in built facility to gamble on anything and everything. Some enjoy gambling more than others and take gambling to the extreme. As in all things moderation is essential when gambling.

There are stories of successful gamblers as well as successful businessmen. Both parties had to take some gambles in their lives to get to where they are. There are also examples of gamblers and businessmen who have got it wrong and have lost everything.

As we run the Gambling Games website we where interested in the question, What is Gambling? We guess that the definition to this question is that there is no specific definition. Gambling is unique to each and every person.

Whether it be playing a game of Charity Bingo to the more serious pursuit of riches whilst playing Table Games or investing money in stocks and shares.

The one over riding principle that remains with us is only gamble what you can afford and no more. Moving beyond that can have serious consequences.

If you believe you have a gambling problem there are a variety of organizations that are set up to help assist with this. We have listed these organizations at the end of the article.

To summarize there is no definite answer to what is gambling. It seems to us that every day and every moment is a gamble. We simply choose our time and place and the odds in every situation. For us Life is a gamble and we love it.

Problem Gambling Organizations

www.gamblersanonymous.org is probably the largest organization that assists gamblers who have gambling problems. It is a world wide organization

www.gamblersanonymous.co.uk is the UK based organization that assists UK gamblers who have gambling related issues.

http://www.gamcare.org.uk  is another UK based organization that can be reached online by gamblers with issues.

The UK government has put in place strict laws in regards to curbing problem gambling. If a gambler believes that they have an issue they are able to contact the gambling venue and self exclude them selves from gambling venues.

UK licensed gambling venues are then obliged to either restrict play or purchase amounts to a certain amount. This law also applies to online gambling venues that are licensed in the United Kingdom.