UK Retailers Gambling Controversy

An article in The Daily Mail has exposed the practices of some High Street retailers. It seems that retailers are pushing the boundaries on making money and some will risk an association with gambling to increase profits.

The Daily Mail article pointed out that some of Britain’s leading retailers were encouraging people to gamble to win items instead of simply purchasing them. This kind of tactic is mainly going to target the more vulnerable elements as they will chance their luck in an effort to save some cash. The odds of them winning though are not good.

According to the article, major UK companies like Boots and ASDA and M&S were all part of this Spin and Win reward scheme. The gambling never actually took place on the company sites but rather via an associated site that was registered in Malta.

Essentially shoppers were asked to place a pound on a bet in an effort to win a selected item. According to the Daily Mail – they spent £162 and won a £20 fish bowl. According to the owner of the gambling site, UK gamblers are expected to receive 85 pence back on every pound bet. That essentially means that the scheme has an 85% return to player which in our opinion is very poor.

A licensed online casino currently operating in the United Kingdom, ironically called Spin and Win has slot games that have a RTP of 95%.

The decision to join this gambling site has been a poor one and the companies that made the decision to join this scheme should be ashamed. Why would you want to get someone to gamble when they simply want to purchase groceries or other every day items?

The lines between online gambling and online fun are blurred already, why add further fuel to the fire. Politicians have already waded into the fray with choice words and it seems that a number of companies are withdrawing from the scheme after The Mail article. Well done we say to the mail for exposing this practice.

Leave gambling to gambling websites and stick to doing what you are best at.

To read the original Daily Mail article click here.