Teenager Arrested for Running Gambling Ring

According to recent reports a teenager has been arrested in Florida for running an illegal sports betting operation. The nineteen year old teenager had apparently accumulated earnings of $300,000.

The teenager had apparently also been offering a range of casino style gambling games at the venue including blackjack and poker games. She had managed to avoid being detected as she made use of off shore bank accounts to run the gambling operation.

There is some controversy at the moment surrounding the arrest and jailing of the teenager. According to her lawyer she was not the ringleader of the operation but this argument failed to move lawmakers. It must be said that it is hard to believe that a person so young would have the ability to put an operation like this together.

The illegal gambling operation came to light when Transfer Xpress a payment solution was raided and shut down. This again highlights the fact that gambling is being pushed underground instead of being legislated and taxed in the United States. There are large sums of money to be made by unscrupulous individuals and this endangers both the gambler that places a bet and the person that takes the bet.

Would it not be better if it was all happening in a legal environment as it does in the United Kingdom ?

Written by Greg for Gambling Games – your Online Gambling News.