Social Games versus Online Gambling

The hype and talk about social gaming being the next frontier for gambling is a bit confusing. We say that as we are bombarded each day with headlines predicting Zyngas move into Online Gambling or predictions re what Facebook is going to be doing with all of the revenue  they are going to make from opening up to online gambling.

We are a bit wondrous at the way this has all come about. It seems to be a sorry state of affairs we think when companies and level headed people at Media outlets can confuse playing games for fun on a social gaming platform with playing it for real money on an online gambling site.

Since when has going onto Facebook and playing Midas Solitaire equated to online gambling. We do know that there are companies out there who would like this to be the case and to make money from it all sorts of social games have been built that players can now play and then pay for. But for the love of money how does playing a game for fun equate to online gambling.

We prefer to stick to the old fashioned way of gambling. Why these imaginary scenario games for money when you can sign up to an online gambling venue that is licensed and regulated and play for much bigger jackpots. Everything that can be found at a land based gambling establishment can now be found at online gambling venues and more.

We think that there is a space for everyone in this market but please stop confusing social gaming with online gambling. The two are vastly different and should remain that way.

Written for Gambling Games by Greg.