Sky Millionaire Slots launches

The new Sky Millionaire slots game has launched at Sky Vegas. The new slot game purportedly gives UK slot players the opportunity to become a millionaire. Thus the original naming of the game. Ok, so it’s not that original but the game is a pretty slick gambling  game as you can imagine.

Sky Millionaire Slots is a 9 Line slot machine. The Millionaire slot game has the usual flashy symbols and as usual it is the bonus rounds you are trying to get into for a chance to hit the jackpot. UK Slot Game players can do this by hitting a scatter symbol anywhere on reels 1, reel 3 and reel 5. This will then cause the Sky Millionaire Bonus round game to resume.

The bonus round on this slot game features spinning wheels. The idea is to land on an amount that will multiply your initial bet before you hit the bonus round. There are also arrow symbols that allow you to advance to the 2 sets of inner wheels.
The Sky Millionaire slot game can be played for free or for real money.

This new game has been developed by Cryptologic who have a licencing agreement with Sky Vegas to provide games to the UK gaming venue. This particular game is pretty similar to the current Millionaire Slot game already available at various Cryptologic Casinos. What makes it unique and attractive is the fact that there is a free registration bonus to try out the game and the fact that Sky Vegas is a known and respected part of the UK gambling scenario.

New Slot game players who join Sky Vegas can take advantage of a £5 free registration bonus to try out slot games at the popular UK Games venue. Play Sky Millionaire Slots.