Premier Football League TV Rights Bonanza

The Premier League has announced the sale of its live televised games for next season and amazingly despite our supposed economic depression the rights have gone for a massive £3.018 billion.

That is according to reports an increase of £1.254 billion on the previous deal.

Another surprise in the unveiling of this deal is that BT has acquired the rights to screen 18 of the top picks of the football matches in the season.

What does this actually mean for the consumer though as at the end of the day this increase generally comes out of our pockets via an increase in fees.

Is watching Football really worth that much, do fans really pay that much to watch games.  As sports bettors we have a keen interest in games and form but our lives are mostly ruled by statistics and form and various other closely guarded secrets.

For fans though and advertisers this increase of over a billion pounds will surely mean that football has become that much more expensive.

The increase in the TV rights deal has been attributed to the exciting finale to the season in which both Manchester Football clubs had a keen interest. As my club was promoted via the play offs to the Premier League we are pretty ecstatic that they will be taking part in this wind fall.

We do though worry about the cost of attending a football match and what it means for fans. We try to go to as many games as possible and as we are all single lads with no families we have no worries on the score.

We do wonder though what it is like for a family or a father and son trying to get tickets for matches.

Will this increase in the television rights deal mean cheaper tickets or just more insane wages for footballers?

We are willing to lay a bet on the question that we have put to you above. Tickets to football matches will not get any cheaper. We are willing to give odds on the fact that Premier League ticket prices will continue to go up over the next year.

The reasoning behind this is simple. Football is not about the fans anymore, to many clubs have been sold and now resemble corporations who are more interested in selling shirts and merchandise rather than connecting with local communities.

We could be wrong but as long time gamblers we have the gut feel that this is the case and are willing to offer good odds on this.

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