Online Gambling boom in Australia

Online Gambling in Australia is experiencing a major increase. A study has been conducted on the online gambling behavior in Australia. 6,500 participants have responded to an online questionnaire on their gambling habits. Some of the results show that there were more male than female online gamblers.

The gambling survey also indicates that males are generally married or have a partner and they earn more than people who play at land based outlets.

One big plus for online gamblers is that it offers much more betting options. The big favourites are sports betting, casino games and then poker. As proof, online sports betting accounts saw an upsurge of 103% between the periods of 2004 till 2008.

The project coordinator of this report, Alex Blaszczynski, from the University of Sydney, said that the popularity of online gambling is also due to the advanced technology at hand nowadays, such as smart phones, iPads and tablet computers. All those platforms make online gambling more accessible and therefore very convenient as one can play whenever and wherever they want.

Although online sports’ betting is legal in Australia, online poker and playing at online casino sites are not. However, there are about 2,000 offshore gaming sites which still allow Australians to wager on casino and poker games.  This fact raises concerns about how to ensure that customers are playing in a totally safe environment. Regulating online gambling is most probably the solution to this, just as other countries have done.

Every year, Australians spend around $600 million at online gambling venues.Given how popular it has become, this amount is due to rise.

Written by Greg Gomes for Gambling Games.