NFL Allowing Limited Gambling Advertising

The NFL is for the first time allowing limited gambling advertising within stadiums and game programs. All of the gambling advertisements are related to state licensed institutions so this rules out all online gambling companies.

The NFL has previously allowed teams to promote Scratch Card games and the ruling re gambling advertisements although limited in nature means that yet another avenue of revenue has been created for some powerful brands in the USA.

Gambling advertisements can only appear in the game program and the upper and lower concourses of stadiums. Gambling venues are also able to advertise via Radio but none of the advertisements are to be endorsed by either players or NFL franchises.

In the United Kingdom and Europe we have already been through this process with a number of top football and other sporting sides being sponsored by gambling companies. The argument for this is that it raises funds for more grass roots development of sports and the argument against it is that it allows powerful brands to be associated with gambling. Some might view this as being detrimental to younger members of society.

We live in an age where gamblers are able to bet on anything at any time and anywhere so we think that the NFL allowing some gambling advertising is a good thing and restricting the amount and nature of advertising is also a good thing.

Written by Greg for Gambling Games. Your Gambling Game News Source.