New Multi Table Roulette Games

A new Multi Table Roulette game has gone live at a wide range of Playtech Casinos. The new roulette game will provide more betting opportunities without roulette players having to wonder from table to table or having multiple windows open and seeking to make bets on Roulette tables.

The new Multi Table Roulette game allows players to bet on and play at up to 6 tables at the same time. The new table game also allows players to choose how many tables they want to play at. Therefore if a roulette player only feels like playing at 3 or 4 tables at the same time then they simply have to block out on or two of the table.

All 6 of the Roulette games are played on a single screen with the 6 roulette wheels visible at the top of the screen and the table below the 6 roulette wheels.

The new Multi Table Roulette game will appeal to those with a larger bank roll who enjoy the element of riskier betting patterns. Roulette traditionally appeals to players who dont mind taking risks for larger returns and if you multiply this strategy by six times then the potential for winning or loosing large amounts in a short period of time is available to Roulette players.

Roulette is one of the most popular table games in the United Kingdom in all its formats. The popularity of the game both online and at land based casinos is entrenched with players playing at both tables and video terminals in land based Casinos. Asian Casino players are also noted for their enjoyment of Roulette and no doubt this multi table roulette version will find appeal with Asian Roulette players.

Roulette players can play the new multi table roulette game at any one of the Playtech Casinos on the site.