Massive Gambling Error in favour of Punters

The last weekend of the English Premier League Football matches heralded some of the biggest gambling scenarios available to punters who place bets on Football. The fact that it was the two Manchester clubs competing for the title certainly added a bit of spice.

We all know now that City provided some last minute entertainment to us neutral supporters and went onto life the title for the first time in most of our life times by virtue of a better goal ratio and for that congratulations are in order. The supposed billion pound investment by the new Dubai based owners have it seems paid dividends for City supporters.

As per the title of the article, another fact that will find much glee with City supporters is the fact that founder of Bet Fred and United supporter Fred Done paid out £500k to punters who had bet on Man Utd winning the league. This was paid out in April as Fred thought that Utd were sure winners of the title.

The last time that Fred paid out punters early on Utd winning the title also saw Utd pipped at the post by Arsenal. Man Utd supporters are now saying that Fred has jinxed the team. That is one allegation that Mr. Done has refuted on a video on You Tube and it does make perfect sense. How on earth could he have jinxed a team when he has not played in a single game?

Manchester City supporters will also find it heart warming that Bet Fred have an additional £300k in pay outs going to punters who predicted that City would win the title. This has been an expensive end of season experience for Bet Fred. Perhaps instead of paying out punters in the future he can buy a player for our local team, although we guess that would make punters a little less happy.

To end if off, well done to Manchester City on winning the league and well done to Mr. Done for taking it on the chin and conducting himself in a manner befitting a top bookmaker.

Written by Greg for