Japanese Social Gaming Sites remove Gambling

According to reports Japanse Social Gaming sites have started to remove gambling type games from their inventory of games. The main reason for the removal of these gambling games is down to regulation in Japan and the meeting of requirements for having games of this nature on sites.

Up until now the addition of gambling type games to social media sites has been a bit of a grey area but we do expect for this kind of increased regulation to be applied in all markets. The very fact that a person has to pay to play a game of chance automatically makes it a gambling type game irrespective of what platform it is hosted on.

We have been saying for weeks that a large amount of companies are making a massive mistake by thinking that social gaming equates to social gambling. Social Gaming is not about gambling, it is about playing a game that you enjoy that can while away a few minutes or hours.

Making payments on games that involve no skill automatically creates a gambling environment and then quite rightly these operators would need to conform to gambling legislation in their own areas as the Japanese social game companies have found.

We look forward to the conitnued rollout of social games and are most interested to see what Facebook and other popular Social Networking sites will do in regards to gambling type games on their networks.

We do realize that we are devoting a lot of space and time to the subject of social games on the site, we do want to emphasise the point that we do not believe social gaming is likely to lead to gambling and hope and understand that companies involved in the social gaming sphere understand this.

The only reason why these companies would want to add gambling type games onto social games platforms is to squeeze the bottom line or boost share prices. We think that adding gambling to the mix on social gaming is wrong and there should be a distinct and clear distance kept between social games and gambling type games.

Written by Greg for Gambling Games.