Jackpot Joy Launches Super Snap Game

Jackpot Joy have launched a new online version of the Snap game called Super Snap. The new Super Snap game is a combination of Casino game and a Bingo room.

Super Snap has five different ways of winning so players can expect a high rate of return on this new game. Super Snap also has a lucrative bonus round for snap players to try and make some extra cash. Super Snap player’s win if they have any hands that are a listed poker hand, a cash bonus is automatically awarded.

Then main snap game involves cards being turned by the dealer and automatically matched off against the player’s hands, with the first player to match all five cards winning the game jackpot. That is more in the tradition of the snap game that we have all played.

Super Snap has a unique feature in the form of The Community Chest which takes a percentage of every SNAP ticket and if a player calls Snap within seven cards that player will win 40% of the community chest jackpot with the remainder going to players who bought tickets for the snap game.

Super Snap offers one more chance of winning cash even if the jackpot is won as one in six players will also get the chance to play in the  Lucky Charm game.

To qualify for this game a Snap player will need to buy the maximum five hands to be eligible.Super Snap has launched with a Super Snap £500 chat party, which will be running at Jackpot Joy from the 27th March 2012

Play Super Snap Here