Immortal Romance Slots release

Immortal Romance Slots is the latest online slot game release that can be found at a host of Microgaming Casinos. Immortal Romance has been hyped as the game release of the year as it is without doubt playing on the current wave of interest in all things to do with Vampires and Dracula.

Immortal Romance Slots has an 800 year old Hungarian Vampire , a Witch and the obligatory falling in love with a Human plus other supporting charcters that continue with the dark theme. What sets the game apart from other slot games is the fact that it makes use of of the TS2 Slots engine that first appeared on Thunderstruck 2 slots and has the unique Player Achievements feature.

This feature essentially saves all player achievements on the game and players can come back to the slot game and resume their play. A word of warning that if you switch between the flash version and download version of the game, player achievements are not saved. The object of player achievements is to try and get to Gold Status on the game.
Immortal Romance Slots comes with the obligatory graphics and Free Spins round as well as other bonus rounds. We think that calling it the game release of the year might be stretching it a bit far, it is certainly the case for Microgaming slot games, there have however been some excellent games released this year by other gambling software companies.

In addition it appears that the TS2 slots engine is not really well appreciated by Slot players in the UK. According to some posts seen on well known forums players are complaning that is does cost a lot of money to get into a bonus round. That as with all other things in gambling on slots is totally down to chance.

Immortal Romance slots is undoubtedly a new slot game making use of new technology and graphics but it appears to be a skin of already existing slot games. That means that its merely a question of the graphics that have changed.
We recommend trying out the Immortal Romance Slot game as new slots do tend to payout quite often simply due to the fact that they are new and inevitably experience a surge of activity.

Written for Gambling Games by Greg.