Greek Govt in Gambling Spat

Chaos surrounding the Greek Government has taken a further twist. Online Gambling legislation and licenses that have recently been issued by the Greek Government is being challenged in the countries Courts by the Remote Gambling Association.

The RGA is seeking to challenge the Greek Government in Greek courts re the validity of implementing retrospective gross gambling revenue tax on operators and more controversially a tax on gamblers winnings. Yes that is correct; the Greek Government wants to tax gambling companies when players win.

This action has been launched in co operation with major UK gambling companies acting as co signatories. Bet 365 as well as Betfair and William Hill all have an interest in the Greek market and are looking to get the current legislation kicked out as being unconstitutional.

To be fair to the gambling companies, the incredible amount of taxation that the Greek government has implemented makes it very unappealing for legitimate companies to operate in the Greek gambling market.

There have already been a number of complaints registered with the European Union re Greek gambling laws.
The irony of this entire matter is that the Greek government with its draconian stance is driving out legitimate operators who would ensure the government got its tax revenues.

This leaves the way open for other unlicensed offshore operators to take advantage of the situation.

We certainly hope that the Greek government finds a suitable middle ground re this gambling issue as at the present time it seems to us that everyone is loosing out.

Written by Greg for Gambling Games UK.