Greece shock Russia at Euro 2012

Watching Paint dry is how we feel about watching the Greeks play football. Their approach to the beautiful game has coined a couple of phrases and amongst these phrases is the term negative football.

All of that said congratulations must go to the Greek side for their performance in making it out of the group stages and knocking the Russian football team out of the tournament. The Russians played fluent attractive football but were undone by a single goal by the Greeks who scraped through to the next round on a head to head basis.

The Greek side who won Euro 2004 playing this kind of football must be totally amazed to be in the next round as they have been totally outclassed in most of the matches they have played, yet have scraped through.

In last nights matches the diving and injury acting were so bad it drew a vociferous booing from the crowds. Near the end of the match a Greek player went down writhing in agony but miraculously managed to get up instantly when taking to the side lines.

This sort of thing does nothing for football or for Greek football and merely portrays them in an extremely bad light.

We certainly – again – had no bets on Greece getting through the group stages, perhaps we should have laid a side bet on them getting through, the thought though of Greece making it to the latter stages of the tournament leaves a bitter taste in ones mouth.

Quite simply put, the Euro 2012 Championships are a sports bettor’s paradise that comes around every four years.

That said we would still like to be entertained and watch good football as well as make some cash. Doing that with Greece is practically impossible as on paper they are outclassed by every single team in the tournament and watching them play, well it is like watching paint dry is it not.