Facebook Gambling Goes Live

Facebook has launched its first real money online gambling product. The release of this new real money gambling product was to be expected as Facebook and other Social Media giants have been looking for a way to increase revenue generation capabilities.

It goes without saying that online gambling is one of the largest and quickest ways in which a company can bolster their bottom line. The new product is available only to players in the United Kingdom who are over 18 years of age.

Both Facebook and Zynga who are the other Social Media games giants have recently reported losses so the roll out of this new gambling game comes at a critical juncture for Facebook.

The gambling game is called Bingo and Slots Friendzy and can be found on Facebook. The app was developed by Gamesys who also power the popular Jackpot Joy range of games online. Both Facebook and Gamesys will be eager to ensure the success of Bingo and Slots Friendzy.

It goes without saying that Bingo was chosen due to the social aspect of the game. Combine this with Facebook and the interaction that occurs on it and we are sure that the makers of the game think they are onto a winner.

Bingo and Slots Friendzy is the very first real money game on Facebook. It means that Virtual Currency is not accepted and it will be interesting to see how many players this will attract. It is also interesting from a gamblers point of view to note wether people who go onto Facebook are also interested in gambling.

Our personal feeling is that people use Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends and to while away a little bit of time. Whilst this new social gambling game should attract a portion of users, will it attract real money gamblers in the same quantity as Virtual Currency games remains to be seen.

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