EuroMillions pays out £100 Million

EuroMillions has been a popular form of supporting charities in the UK as well as trying to win a mind boggling figure of money so that we can live the Jet Set lifestyle. The Euromillions draw last Friday was a special one though. It definitely spread the love by having a side payout of another £100 million.

That is right, EuroMillions promised to make 100 new millionaires via the Millionaire Raffle and by jove they did just that. At the present time there are only 21 tickets outstanding from the 100 millionaire raffle tickets. Winners include a teenager who checked his phone in a pub and found at that he won.

The main Euromillion Lottery Jackpot was not won on Friday or yesterday. This means that there is currently a massive £138 million pounds on offer to the winner of the main prize. With the lottery jackpot amount at these levels the interest in the draw is normally massive. Make sure you get your tickets sooner rather than later.

EuroMillions reported that interest was so high in the lottery on Tuesday it crashed their site. Players who do not have tickets can not win. We always recommend buying tickets in advance of the day of the draw and if possible even purchase for the following draws.

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