Euro 2012 Football Betting Mania

The Euro 2012 Football tournament hosted by Poland and Ukraine are days away and there is as ever a wide variety ofchoices to choose from as to who is going win Europe’s showpiece football tournament.

The Euro football tournament is the biggest football betting event of the year and although it appears that the Spanish will regain the continental title both injuries and form will play a part. Who can ever forget the 100/1 outsiders winning the title at Euro 2004. The Greek Football team did cause a major upset that day winning against the talented but mercurial Portuguese team with their brand of defensive football.

This is the first time that the European Football championships have been held in the eastern parts of Europe and we are hoping that this will cause some upsets. Apart from the Spanish side who must be the favourites there are the French as well as the Italians who can never be discounted. The Portuguese football team has a few superstars and we think that a semi final place will be what they can manage depending on the draw.

As joint hosts we think that the Polish and Ukrainians should be able to take advantage of the home draw and make it into the second round. Going any further than that would be a bonus for either of the two sides.

The only home nation to make it to Euro 2012 is England who are dealing with a number of issues. They have recently chnaged manager, they have the Terry case to deal with and also have the longest season. England should make it into the 2nd round as well. Again the draw will play a major part in seeing if England can progress to the latter stages of the tournament. The loss of Gareth Barry is already a factor that Roy Hodgson has to deal with and we think that England would do well to get to a semi final.

The Germans are as ever a formidable and stout team. The remoulding of the team with players like Real Madrids Mesut Ozil and Sami Khedera should provide an example to other nations who rely on ageing stars. Germany for the final is what we are thinking.

European Football leagues are the most competitive in the world with both La Liga and the Premiership attracting world wide audiences as well as the best players from every continent. This also translates into making the Euro Championships the hardest football competition to win outside of the Champions League.

Accordingly to make a large profit on football games sometimes we need to be a bit brave and place a wager on an outside. If you had bet £1k on Greece winning at the outset of the Euro 2004 football tournament that would have made a profit of £100k. The fascination with the great game is that its 11 versus 11 and who knows that can happen on a football field.

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