England Win Euro 2012 Group

That is a headline that most people never thought they would be witnessing. The Three Lions actually topping France to win their group and thus avoid meeting Spain in the quarter finals of Euro 2012.

Roy Hodgson has certainly proved his worth and his transfer fee from West Brom by getting England to this stage. His has certainly not been the easiest of managerial appointments and kudos must go to the FA for identifying and appointing what has surely been the Manager of the Season.

First he had to come in at very short notice, then he had to deal with the Terry affair, then as a side note he had to deal with the Ferdinand issues, then he had to justify his selections, and finally he had to make do with late withdrawals.

To top the group and avoid playing Spain is an equisite bonus as it means the French having to face the Iberian titans, playing Italy at this time must seem to be a heaven sent opportunity as they have not been playing well.

England for the record beat the Ukraine 1-0 in somewhat controversial circumstances, but who cares , as some of the papers have pointed out , England have in past tournaments been on the wrong side of decisions.

Last night it seemed that England were content to sit back and soak up Ukrainian pressure and then hit on the counter. It worked, the team worked hard and the reward for all of the disciplined play is the winning of the group and a quarter final match against the Italians.

What odds now for England winning the tournament. Well if the Greeks could do it in 04 why cant we ?

One final remark – we think that Hodgson should be made a Knight of the Realm.

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