Bus Drivers Win EuroMillions Jackpot

A syndicate of 12 bus drivers have managed to win a fantastic £38 million Euromillions Jackpot this last friday. The UK has had a stunning run of winners in the last few weeks with numerous jackpots being won by Euro Million Lottery punters.

The lucky syndicate of bus drivers all missed work on Saturday morning as you can imagine and are going to be splitting up the win . Each person in the syndicate will get just over £3 million pounds.

This is the fifth win in a row of the Euromillion Lottery jackpot for punters in the UK which is an absolutely amazing statistic. What are the chances of that happening.  The winners who were all based at Corby in the Midlands called their manager to advise that they would not be attending work that day.

As you can imagine this did cause a disruption to bus services in the area but it is a heart warming story to hear that so many people are going to benefit out of this particular lottery win.

What do they say about waiting for buses and then a few come along. Here is hoping that the Tuesday draw is another one for lottery players in the UK.