Bouncy Balls Slot Pays Out 1.2M

The progressive jackpot for Bouncy Balls slot has just been won for a massive £1,206,953 a few hours ago. At the moment details about the winner or the casino the jackpot was won at remain unknown.

Bouncy Balls slot is a ten payline game with no special features like wilds, scatters or even bonus round but the massive progressive jackpot more than makes up for this. Despite the game payout out £1.2 million a few hours ago, the progressive jackpot is already worth £967,569.

The game consists of six coloured balls – red Fireball, the pink Hardball, the orange Oddball, the blue Iceball, the green Goofball and the yellow Furball and to win a prize all a player has to do match five or more of the same symbol in a horizontal or vertical line.

When that happens, the winning symbols explode enabling more symbols to drop down in their place to potentially create further winning combinations. The game has a minimum wager of 10p per spin up to £10 and on a top wager players can win the full progressive jackpot.

The jackpot is won when a player matches 8 or more Fireball symbols in a horizontal or vertical line and even a 10p wager can pay out a part of the progressive pot and in this case, players win 1% of the total prize.

Similarly, a 50p wager pays out 5% of the jackpot, £1 is worth 10%, £4 gives a player 40% of the jackpot and £5 has a 50% payout.

The Bouncy Balls slot game has an average payout of once every forty three days paying out an average of £1 million. Play this online slot game at Virgin Casino with a free caisson bonus of up to £100 offered to all new players at the UK who sign up for a real money account.

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Written by John Freeman for Gambling Games – your best source for online slots winners