Australian Sports Betting Soars

A recent report indicating that Australian Sports betting is soaring is hardly taking a leap into the unknown.

Australians are a pretty sports mad bunch and gambling on the outcome of sports matches does seem to be an extension of sport.  Combine that with a good internet infrastructure and you have a recipe for gambling.

According to some newspaper and industry reports within Australiaa, Sports Betting has grown significantly in each of the last 5 years. The amount bet on Sports though is still relatively small when taking into account betting on other gambling games.

Pokies is what Australians call Slot machines is by far the largest form of gambling  followed by Horse Racing and the Lottery. According to some reports , most Australians are happy to take a gamble on some form of gambling every now and again.

The words used in some of these reports made out as if they were a gambling mad bunch which we hardly think is the case. Who does not like to have a bet every now and again. Australians have the Melbourne Cup and the UK has Cheltenham and other race days.

Mobile Betting has also been seen as a contributor to the rise of online gambling game use in Australia as it has been in other countries notably in the United Kingdom.

We say good on you Australians for betting when you want and where you want. Gambling has gone on for many years in Australia and we are sure that most people will bet what they can and when they can afford it.

Written for Gambling Games by Greg.