Agreement between Betfair and the IOC

Match fixing and illegal betting are regarded as major threats at the 2012 London Olympics. It has frequently been quoted at the Olympics that match fixing happens to be as big a danger as performance enhancing products.

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) and Betfair have previously partnered together to check illegal gambling practices during the Olympics. They had entered into an agreement at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and during Winter Games in 2010.

Betfair had reported that there were no illegal gambling game practices during those events. The strengthening of IOC’s cooperation along with Betfair has stepped up its effort to protecting the sports competitions’ integrity through an efficient and permanent system of exchanging information.

Betfair has signed a MOU or Memorandum for Understanding along with IOC at this year’s Olympics as well. Betfair has said that it will be offering betting markets for all medal events during the Olympic Games. They will provide this important information to the public.

It plans to actively monitor all kinds of betting patterns which seem suspicious during the Olympics. As per Betfair, it will utilize its expert team for ‘ensuring that all suspicious betting action is probed and relayed directly to IOC as needed.

Betfair and the IOC are completely in tune in aspiring to ensure that clients can do betting on sporting games in a secure and transparent manner. This can only be a good thing for sports and for bettors alike.

Written by Amy for Gambling Games – Your Gambling News Source.