Gala Bingo Battles Promotion

Gala Bingo are hosting daily £10k Bingo Battles in the run up to the London Olympic Games. Bingo players at Gala get to battle it out for a share of the £10.000 each day.

To win a part of the £10k players do need to log into Gala Bingo each day and choose a Club to log into. This is the critical factor. The choice of club will determine whether a player gets a share of teh £10k. If a bingo player in that particular club manages to get a full house then the players in that specific club will share out the £10k prize.

The Gala Bingo Battles promotion runs from the 23rd of March till the 12th of April 2012 so there is lots of prize money on offer each day at Gala Bingo.

To top it all off , Gala Bingo are offering new players a free £60 to join and play Bingo. This inspired promotion is set to dish out the dosh to loads of UK bingo player. Gala Bingo have other top rated bingo games including free bingo games and bingo jackpots every 5 minutes.

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