Fishing With Buddies Slots

Fishing with Buddies is the premier multiplayer video slot game offered by Playtech in which up to five players can spin the reels simultaneously, and have a chat while playing. This online slots game comes with a Wild, Scatters and Bonus Features.

The Seaweeds logo is the Wild symbol. It can substitute for any other symbol, except Scatter, to make the best possible winning combination. There is also a separate payout for two or more Wild symbols on a payline. The Wild symbol is paid out instead of the regular symbol win if the win amount from Wilds is larger than the win from the regular symbols.

The Fishing with Buddies logo is the Scatter symbol. The Scatter payout is awarded to players when three or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. The payout for the Scatter symbols is multiplied by the total bet.

The Crab symbol is a regular paytable symbol that also triggers the Fish a Crab Bonus feature which awards a cash prize to the player. The Fish a Crab Bonus feature is triggered when the Crab symbol appears in the spin result, on the top most row below the player’s bear, as can also be seen from the screenshot on the right. In the case this occurs, the bear casts its fishing line and pulls the crab up from the boot where the crab is hiding. The player is awarded a cash prize in the amount of 5 x the total bet.

Fishing with Buddies Slots contains a two-stage mystery bonus game that is triggered randomly during the game. The bonus game is a community bonus – once triggered, it is played simultaneously by all qualified players. The more frequently the player spins the reels during the main game, the larger the prizes in the bonus game.

Fishing with Buddies Slots has a jolly theme to it and comes complete with animated three-dimensional avatars alongside a two-stage bonus round. Fishing with Buddies promises to entertain players, especially as it is the first ever multi-player slots game.

Play Fishing With Buddies Slots.