All Slots Casino Bonus Draw

All Slots Casino has announced the launch of their latest promotion for March. The UK casino will hand out free casino bonuses all through the month; watch out for a four-leaf clover, lucky #7, pair of dice or the prized horseshoe to pop up in the casino to receive a bonus.

The Luck of the Draw promo starts on the 1st of March and ends on the 31st of March and is open to all funded players at All Slots Casino.

Each symbol has a bonus value attached to it and in order to qualify players must wager a minimum of 50 credits or more in a week. The first week will be considered from 1st to 3rd of March and will be followed by four weeks ending on 31st March.

If the four leaf clover pops up in the casino, then All Slots Casino will award the player with a free casino bonus of 25 credits.

The number 7 is considered lucky in many cultures and it will certainly be lucky for the player who gets this number to appear during the promotion. Get 75 credits for every 7 that appears in the casino.

The Dice symbol is also a symbol of good fortune and in this case, it is worth a 150 credits bonus. Deposit and play 50 credits or more during the week, and watch for this image to pop up in the casino

The fourth and the biggest of the free casino bonuses is the Superstar Bonus which appears with the horseshoe symbol.

All Slots Casino has decided to keep the value of the bonus a secret but we are assured that the bonus is huge. Winners will be notified of crediting with a pop-up message inside the casino software.

Sign up for an account at All Slots Casino today and get ready to earn bonuses.

Written by John Freeman for Gambling Games – your best source for free slots bonuses